Official “Suit & Tie” video feat. Jay-Z

The official video for Justin Timberlake’s new single “Suit & Tie” off his third album The 20/20 Experience. Be sure to either pre-order your copy now or pick up one on March 19th, 2013.


JT 20/20 Experience

The long anticipated 3rd album from Mr. JT himself. The 20/20 Experience to be released on March 19, 2013. If you purchase it from Target you will receive two bonus tracks. I’m not sure how many of my readers are Justin Timberlake fans, but I’m excited to hear the new album. I enjoyed his Grammy performance this past Sunday and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store next.

20/20 Experience 3.19.13

If you haven’t already check out his new single “suit and tie” feat. Jay-Z. I posted the Youtube video in a previous post. If you missed it Click HERE.

Also if you visit Timberlake’s website at:, you can also pre-order the album along with exclusive “suit and tie” t-shirt designs for both men and women.

Lyrics Video:

Also Check out the audio for “Mirror” by Justin Timberlake

“Wish” Knight Krawler

I’m all about supporting other artistic and creative people, especially if they’re from my city! It makes me even more proud. For those of you who don’t know, I’m from Jacksonville, Fl. I love my city, but the hidden talent here doesn’t always get the appreciation they deserve.  So whenever I hear something good, I feel obligated to share it with my readers.

In this post I’m bring you a track from local artist Knight Krawler. To some he’s well-known and to others let me introduce you….

Photo credit: Taken from Knight Krawler’s Facebook page

The first time I heard Knight Krawler was at the Ritz open mic night a few years back. His performance blew me away. I remember being a freshman in high school hearing, “My hearts my amplifier, I don’t need no mic” and being drawn into his performance as a poet. I hadn’t seen anyone bring poetry to life like he did. He has this stage presence that demands your attention without him having to do a lot.

Along with the spoken word, Knight Krawler also does music.  The track is called “Wish.” I heard it and really enjoyed it. I’m hoping that after hearing the track, more people will be able to appreciate what he has to offer as an artist. I give credit where it’s do, and I think this track and what Knight Krawler does as an artist, is of quality. Quality artists can be rare and hard to find.

For more  information on Knight Krawler visit his website at

Taste Grand Opening

TASTE Food Studio recently took the place of the old Urban Flats that used to be in the Tinseltown area. This Wednesday TASTE will be celebrating its grand opening for the public with a multi-talent art show.

Who’s ready for the TASTE experience?!

Some of the featured artists include:

Edwin Consunji
Nicola DiLiegro
Elizabeth Hurd
Dolf James
Adrian Pickett
Kyle Ryan
Mac Truque
Tommy ‘Tuma’ M. Williams

WHEN: January 30, 2013

TIME: 7:00pm-10:00pm

WHERE: TASTE Food Studios
9726 Touchton Road
Jacksonville, FL 32246

For more information visit the Facebook Event page: TASTE Grand Opening Facebook Event Page

The anxiously awaited TASTE Food Studio, a new and inventive art restaurant, bar and lounge concept, will receive the public for the first time for it’s Grand Opening on Wednesday, 30 January 2013 and will open with a reception for its first multi-talent art show, curated by and featuring some of North Florida’s most accomplished and respected artists as well as exciting new talent.”  –Taken from the Facebook event page-

Click HERE to “LIKE”  TASTE Food Studio Facebook page.

TASTE will replace the old Urban Flats in the Tinseltown area. Grand opening Jan. 30th, 2013 @7pm.



Sample dishes from TASTE Food Studio via Facebook photos

Sample dishes from TASTE Food Studio via Facebook photos

This is a grand opening experience you don’t want to miss!


When Silence Falls: Poetic Lace

The latest from local artist Poetic Lace

“Suit and Tie” single from Justin Timberlake feat. Jay-Z

New music for a new year. Here’s the latest single from Justin Timberlake feat. Jay-Z “Suit & Tie”

PopKultur3 Campaign

Happy New year! The best way to begin a new year is with a new goal. One of my goals for 2013 is to focus on branding myself and what I do. In saying that I’ve started a small branding campaign for my fashion and entertainment blog PopKultur3. I’ve created a few images to post on various social networks and I’m officially putting the “brand” out there.

KKI kiss and tell logo 3


Be sure to visit the PopKultur3 Facebook page: Branding will also include updates to Innovative A.R.T.S as well as a supplemental blog for PopKultur3.

Christian T-shirts

A church member of mine is starting her own line of Christian tees. Please be sure to check the website out and show some love at

Image of The Way Tee

The Way of the Lord is Right Tee

No filter Tee

For more information on ordering and pricing, be sure to check the website out.

Amateur Thoughts:12-12-12

Today’s the day! Liltera Williams finally released her first published collection of poems entitled: Amateur Thoughts. If you missed my previous post about this young lady click HERE.  Amateur Thoughts: A Personal Collection of iWrite Poetry & LRW Quotes is now available to order on Williams’ site :iwrite4oru.

Also be sure to check out EU Jacksonville for a full interview I did with Williams about the release of her book. 

12-12-12 #writergrind

Jason PlusOne at TSI December 13th

Local artist Jason PlusOne will team up with ArtisTree  at TSI on December 13TH to host his album release party for his debut project Intellectual Bliss. The doors will open at 8:30pm. Tickets are $5 in advance and $10 at the door.

“Jasonplusone has found a way to bridge his poetic beginnings with the legendary culture of hip hop,” said Love Reigns the host of ArtisTree. She also considers Jason PlusOne to be among one of few pioneers who are rebirthing real hip-hop back into Jacksonville, Florida.

“Personally I have seen his growth standing on the shoulders of the likes of Mr. Al Pete finding his own voice and securing his place in the history currently being made right here in Duval and soon worldwide,” said Love Reigns.

Intellectual Bliss chronicles Jason PlusOne’s life from 2008-2011. He took the idea that “ignorance is bliss” and turned it into “Intellectual Bliss” after taking his past mistakes and actually learning from them. It’s about how much happier life would be if people took the time to think things through before actually acting upon them.

Jason PlusOne

Jason PlusOne considers his music to be “thinking music.”

“I want people to come away thinking and being more thoughtful of what they do in life,” said Jason PlusOne. “Everything you do will always affect you, plus one; you and at least one other person.”

The event will also feature the Katz Downstairs, with performances by Blu Gambino, Chris Slade,  and Young Nard.

Be sure to clear you calendar for December 13th and come out to support Jason PlusOne’s album release party. For more information you can also check out the Facebook event page: Jason PlusOne Album release Party at TSI