Uforo "Taktix" Ebong

Uforo “Taktix” Ebong, a 21-year-old born in Nigeria but raised in Providence, Rhode Island, is bringing  something new and innovative to the current world of hip-hop. His style of music can be described as a mixture of Pharell, Drake and Kanye West fused into one. As a producer his beats are very laid back but well crafted and thought out. His lyrics flow well together producing something that’s creative and fun, while still remaining real and telling a story yet to be told. His style of rhymes is similar to Kanye West in the sense that Taktix doesn’t fit into one category of sound. His music isn’t something that sounds like it has been formulated to follow what’s already been done. Taxtik ‘s music cannot be fit into a stereotypical mold and that’s what stands out most. His music seems to be a little bit of everything with something for everyone.

Ebong describes himself as a songwriter, producer and artist, making him a killer triple threat to the industry. He has also helped to produce tracks for other artists who are up and coming such as: Shawn Houslin, Mista Mista, Jon Hope and Crucial; each artist having a distinct sound of their own to offer. Ebong has a solo project expected to come out sometime this July entitled Hotter Than Julys. On his website HotterThanJulys.com, Ebong has samples of his music to share as well as samples of tracks that he’s produced for other artists.

“All2gether”  feat. Crucial, is a track on the up and coming Hotter Than Julys mix tape which samples from an older track of  Sly & The Family Stone called “You Can Make it If You Try”. The track is very upbeat and fun. Ebong says the track is about getting his life together and dealing with being a young adult in college.

‘Cl9ud” is a mid-tempo track where Ebong talks about having the mindset to reach his dreams despite surrounding circumstances. Although the track has a laid back feel, with witty lyrics it still manages to stimulate the mind.  The song  is very memorable and catchy thanks to Shawn Houslin on the hook:  I got my eyes on cloud 9. I don’t know what you ’bout but I’m ’bout mine. Empire state of mind. Out shine…

If Taktix wasn’t known before I’m sure he’s bound to be a household name in time. His talent is something fresh and new that I’m sure will give him longevity in the industry.

Below is a link to “All2gether” a sample track that can also be found on Taktix website HotterThanJulys.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVuk-q9E0yU&feature=related

For more tracks and updates on Taktix click on the picture above to be directed to his website HotterThanJulys.com

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