Earlier this month there was a link posted on my Facebook wall about a group called SWAT team. SWAT Team is a local Jacksonville,Fl. music group consisting of three members who go by the names of Karma  B. Flame, Novacane, and Khanflik.  With Novacane and Khanflik as the lead rappers and Karma B. Flame as the R&B vocals, they all come together to create a gritty southern style of rap.  Each member is a solo artist who works with the Jacksonville, Fl based company Railroad Records.

Their music has an underground feel to it, something that you and a good friend from the block might bump in the car while riding through the city. The sound is very smooth and laid back. The group does prove to be somewhat versatile with the varying sounds of each track. There are club tracks, hood tracks, and even more laid back tracks for the ladies. Khanflik’s voice is similar to that of Rick Ross and Novacane reminds me of something similar to Bun B. Karma Flame also showcases her rapping skills as a female MC on a few tracks. The beats on the track have a heavy bass that gives the group their southern gritty feel.

Although their music is good and has potential, my concern is whether the sound is unique enough to stand out amongst similar sounding artists.  When listening to their sample tracks there wasn’t anything that made their sound stand out to me. Their music is good, but I’m not sure if it has that extra “umph” that helps to set it apart. The lyrics are good, but they could use a bit more polishing. I like the group, I like the vibe, but overall they still seem a little rough around the edges. They’re good, but they can always be better. I would suggest finding the one thing that sets their music apart and focusing on that and working that element into their sound as a group.

The group has potential but it’s still something in the works. Once they find something that sets their music apart, then I’m sure everything else will fall into place. You don’t just want fans to “like” your music, you want them to “love it” and be sold on it. It’s also important that the fans not only connect, but that the connection with the music is something memorable.

Here is a link to their groups homepage where you can find more information about the group as well as listen to some of their sample tracks:



SWAT team: Khanflik, Karma B. Flame, & Novacane


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Writing is a gift of mine that I enjoy sharing with others. What I love more than writing is the actual story, finding others who share the same passion as I do and discoverin g a certain creative energy in others. This is what keeps me inspired. Finding these people and telling their stories. I'm a senior at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, fl. I'm a communications major with a concentration in print journalism. If you're interested in contacting me for any freelance work or you're interested in me writing about you for my blog email me at alexandra_mcclain1989@yahoo.com

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  1. Thank you so much for your love and support #FOLLOW the Swat Team “Cane & Flame” @SwatDeRaw our youtube page is : WUDAMAN2 thank you so much and make sure you check out our ===> http://www.reverbnation.com/theswatteam

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