"The Team": Tiffany and Crystal Rodriguez. Two amazing sisters

Tiffany and Crystal Rodriguez truly exemplify the idea of  life being a service unto to others. These two sisters have taken this to heart as they share their artwork and humbleness with others around Jacksonville. Tiffany and Crystal are two very artistic souls that I’ve enjoyed getting to know in the last few years. They are two sisters who have been exposed to art since their childhood. After graduating from SCAD in Atlanta, Georgia where she majored in visual arts, Tiffany began her own free-lance business as an artist. She has been selling her artwork for 5 years and has also been face painting with her sister for 2 years.

Most of their inspiration comes from other artists, photos, paintings and things found in everyday nature. Truth be told, their own art work is often an inspiration. There’s something about the passion they have for what they do that’s priceless. I love seeing others go after their dreams and their positive energy is often released in the world to those around them. By simply doing what they love and know best, they spread love and kindness to others through their artwork.

“Our work is unique because it includes the heart of two artists, not just one,” said Crystal when asked what makes their artwork stand out among other artists. Both of these sisters are creative in their own right, but together their talents create something even more beautiful. These sisters aren’t afraid to take chances with their use of bold colors and designs.  The bold colors are very bright, playful and quite attractive to the creative eye. The bold colors bring their artwork to life helping to showcase each sisters personality.

At the 2011 face and body art convention

The use of  bold colors could also represent the two sisters themselves. Both of them have fun and loving personalities and it shows through their art work.  Their artwork stands out because, it’s not just artwork or  just a painting; it appeals to not only the eyes but something inside that I often find inspiring. Their artwork has the ability to make one feel something special and something different. These two sisters have so much passion, that it shines through their work. Every piece of artwork is like a piece of themselves they’re sharing with others. There’s also something about their artwork that’s humbling and peaceful. These two sisters are truly gifted. Crystal considers their work to be unconventional, something that can be inspired by a saying from their grandmother “Dare to be different.”

“It’s something that works for us and we don’t mind being different,” said Crystal. “It’s fun.”

The two sisters have also created a handmade jewelry line. The pieces in the jewelry collection are just as unique as their paintings. From sparkle heart necklaces to eccentric wooden bracelets, the jewelry line is very versatile and offers something for everyone. Again, the pieces tend to be very bold and colorful in style. The jewelry line also seems to be an extension of their personalities. Some pieces are big and bold; expressive of the sisters’ own daring attitudes. One day they hope to have their own store front where they can display more of their unique pieces.

Body art is something more recent they have started and wish to develop more. These young ladies have done face painting at the local World of Nations Celebration at Jacksonville’s Metropolitan Park and also for other small events around Jacksonville. Through face painting, Crystal discovered a new love for make-up artistry. For now it is a hobby, but it is something she wants to have a future career in. The sisters have a list that could go on forever of their favorite face painting artists that include: Margi Kanter, Nikk Herera, Mark Reid, Wiser Oner, Pam Trent, Marcela Murad and Heather Banks. For two years in a row they have gone to and participated in the Face and Body Art International convention which is held  in Orlando,Fl. every year. At the convention they get an opportunity to meet other artists just as creative who also share similar passions for the artwork they create.

a piece from Tiffany's handmade jewelry line

Bracelets from Queendom Come jewelry line

If you’re wondering where these sisters display their artwork, just look all over Jacksonville. Their artwork can be seen at local places like the artwalk downtown every first Wednesday of the month, sometimes at MOCA, and also at the Riverside Artists Market every Saturday from 10-4pm. One of their goals is to find more places to display their work. Some of their artwork is usually for sale with the prices varying depending on the pieces.

If the two sisters weren’t busy with their artwork they would most likely be found doing something in the field of teaching.  A move that would be reasonable considering they both have a knack for children. During the summer time they also work with children at an art camp. During the camp they spend time helping local youth to create and explore their inner creativity through various visual arts activities. The two sisters are very loving and children seem to naturally gravitate to their gentle and loving presence.

Together the two sisters make a unique team that brings together not only creativity but family. The one thing that stands out most about these sisters, is that they remain humble in what they do. Most of the time it doesn’t seem to be what the sisters are saying but the general presence they give off to others. It’s one full of genuine love and joy that’s undeniably unforgettable.

Below are some pictures of the artwork and face paintings done by the Rodriguez sisters:

Iron man face painting in the progress

Free style face painting
Alice in Wonderland
Prenatal belly painting
 Jacksonville fair
Full of Grace
 Below :Transformation
Painting from the animal series
*all photos were courtesy of the sisters, taken from their Facebook pages.

About Alex McClain

Writing is a gift of mine that I enjoy sharing with others. What I love more than writing is the actual story, finding others who share the same passion as I do and discoverin g a certain creative energy in others. This is what keeps me inspired. Finding these people and telling their stories. I'm a senior at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, fl. I'm a communications major with a concentration in print journalism. If you're interested in contacting me for any freelance work or you're interested in me writing about you for my blog email me at alexandra_mcclain1989@yahoo.com

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  1. Rae says:

    They are talented…and inspiring!~

  2. Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

    Thanks for so eloquently documenting in your blog what I’m feeling in my heart about these two young ladies. I’m blessed to have them in my life. I’m also happy that they’re able to express a body of work that’s satisfying and meaningful, which fulfills their heart desires and many others.
    Keep Hope Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Anti says:

    I love your work & what you do. Do you all do face painting at kids B-Day party if so do you have a website?

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