So exactly who is Luke James?

R& B new comer Luke James

Someone you should be on the look out for, possibly the next best thing rising in the R&B scene. You remember Luke James, the soulful “I Want You” performance for the B.E.T. Honors Celebration? Yes, that’s him! How could anyone forget?

I was reading Heed Magazine and came across an article on Mr. James who’s been working on his debut album; something many in the music industry anticipate. His vocals have been compared to that of Maxwell and D’Angelo, quite the boast to live up to. But if the rest of his music is anything like his first single, “I want you” then James has nothing to worry about.

In case you’re still wondering who Luke James is, I’ve included a video below to spark your memory and open your ears to something soulful R&B has been missing lately.

For more information on Luke James be sure to visit his site:  James also has a pre-album out #Luke, free to download on his site. So be sure to check it out. Also you can check him out on YouTube and Facebook as well.


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