Brittney B. Photography

I met an amazing photographer at December’s Artwalk and I had to share with my readers. Brittney Bryan is a local photographer and her work truly speaks for itself. I love her eye and style of photography. It’s creative with an edge. Her images have a certain grittiness about them that I like.

All pictures were taken by Brittney Bryan from her Facebook page.

For more information on Brittney Bryan and her photography, be sure to check her out on Facebook: Brittney Bryan Photography. If you’re interested in working with her feel free to email as listed on her page.


Jazzy Girl Mixtape

Check out the latest project from Mr. Al Pete ‘Jazzy Girl’ Mixtape

GrownFolk Entertainment/Cubicle Music presents: 'Jazzy Girl' Mixtape

Click here to listen to Al Pete’s Jazzy Girl Mixtape

Coming Soon: Jason PlusOne Interview

Coming soon: Full interview with Jason PlusOne. Until then be sure to check him out at and hit the link below to listen to his debut project “Intellectual Bliss.”

Intellectual Bliss by jasonplusone

Pre-Order Amateur Thoughts by Liltera Williams

On December 12th, local writer Liltera Williams will release her book “Amateur ThoughtsA Personal Collection of iWrite Poetry & LRW Quotes.”  The book is currently available for pre-order on Williams’ website: Be sure to check it out and support her “WriterGrind.”

Liltera Williams: Do you support her #WriterGrind?

Be on the look out for a complete interview coming soon. Until then visit the website for more information and the latest updates for Liltera Williams.

The Holiday Season has Began!

The Holiday season has officially began. Just wanted to send a quick “Happy Thanksgiving” to all my readers. I want to let you all know I’m thankful for your support in reading my blog and it is greatly appreciated. Without readers, there would be no point in blogging. I look forward to continuing another year of blogging and all the growth that may come with it.

Please be safe and enjoy your families and loved ones. And once again:

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! -Alex McClain from Innovative A.R.T.S

He Said He Loved Me

This a recent poem I wrote. I shared it last night at an open mic and felt the need to post it on here and share with my readers. I haven;t shared any of my poetry in a minute, but this one must be shared. WARNING: This poem can get heavy, I hope you feel me and that you’re willing to take this journey with me.

He stared into my brown eyes

said I was beyond beautiful

kissed me and said he loved me.

He was my first

I gave him my heart and soul

we climaxed together,

he said he loved me.

It’s crazy how in an instance

love can loose its innocence

a bittersweet moment when the bliss begins to fade.

Rumors became truth

when gifts became apologies for black eyes and a bruised heart.

But he said he loved me.

Through the cheating and the lies,

the countless tears I cried,

He said he loved me.

Every time we made love,

and made up,

the kisses and the hugs

he said he loved me.

Through fist fights

the long nights

holding me tight,

he said he loved me.

When one night

turned into an expectant 9 months

and now I’m a mommy to be

he said he loved me.

But all of a sudden he wasn’t ready.

Like he forgot it took 2

to create you.

But he said he loved me.

And now there’s a life

contingent upon our unstable love,

questioning if it was God sent from above,

or just one big mistake.

But he said he loved me.

Leaving the clinic,

tears in my eyes

feeling an empty womb, depleted of God’s blessings

He looks me in the eyes and says:

I love you.

11/12/12 -Alex McClain

Liltera Williams WJCT Interview

Do you support her WriterGrind?

Born to Write: Liltera Williams

Be sure to tune in tomorrow morning (6:35am or 8:35am) to WJCT Radio 89.9 FM or listen online at to listen to Liltera Williams interview as she discusses her writing career.

In case you missed it, I’ve written about her before:  Props to a Fellow Writer (Innovative A.R.T.S) and A Writing Passion (EU Jacksonville Internship)

I see this young lady and her writing going very far, so be sure to tune in and show your support. Also don’t forget to visit her website: She provides lots of writing and editing services for other fellow writers, authors and poets. Be on the look out for more coming from her soon.

She’s set to release a collection of poems on 12.12.12.


Serenity: New Single “Gotta Go”

Anyone who knows me, knows I love supporting fellow artists, poets, writers, musicians etc. I make it a point to support people who are creative and positive.  I find that there are always people with potential that may not always get proper recognition; especially living in my city. (Jacksonville, fl.) Sometimes  Jacksonville tends to have the “crabs in a barrel” syndrome going on. But anywho, enough of my ranting….

Today I’m bring you NEW STUFF from local spoken word poet Serenity. The last piece I did on her, she was working on getting her book of poems published. She sends me newsletters once and month and for November’s newsletter she included a link of her new single.

I didn’t know she did any singing, but when I listened to the link i was surprised. The song almost reminds me of something from the 90’s era of r&b. Anywho I’m including the video below so that you can check it out for yourself.

And REMEMBER #support by showing  Serenity some love and visiting her Facebook and Twitter pages:

Serenity Facebook Page

 Youtube link:

 Twitter Link:!/iam_serenity88



Election Day 2012

GO VOTE!! Today’s the day people. Election day 2012 is on it’s way. If you haven’t already be sure to vote. Doesn’t matter who you vote for, but just VOTE! I especially encourage as many young people as possible to vote as well. Take advantage of an opportunity to make history.

Poetic Lace: Day After Day

I love supporting local artists, especially if they’re doing positive things. Poetic Lace is back at it with a new music video. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out his latest video for  “Day After Day.” The track can be found on his debut album When Silence Falls.

As always you can also stay updated on Poetic Lace by following him on Twitter “@PoeticLace” or checking out his Facebook page “Artist Poetic Lace.” His music always has a positive message needed to encourage others along their own Christian walks.